You know the importance of marketing and brand awareness, however, you may be a business, not ready to commit to a budget. Does that mean you can’t market your company till you do? Although we recommend you to set up a budget for marketing, there are effective ways you can market yourself or the business without spending a dime. We’ve collated the top eight methods we find most effective for free marketing.

CEO Richard Suttie

By Richard Suttie

  1. Use Local Listings

Local listings are designed primarily for businesses that serve customers at a particular location, or that serve customers within a designated service area however by no means you shouldn’t advertise for online based businesses. Here are notable free listings with upgrade options for the future,

  1. Google My Business is an easy-to-use tool that allows local businesses to manage their online presence on Google Search and Google Maps. It’s by far one of the most popular listing methods. It also allows reviews, posts, menus and much more.
  2. TrueLocal: Self-proclaiming as not a listing service but a place where the “local community comes together to share what they love”. It offers a profile set up, images and star ratings depending on your activity.
  3. Bing:  A similar listing to Google My Business

There are other notable mentions such as Yahoo and Yellow Pages. We do advice not to use too many as you may get calls from large salesforce companies offering marketing services.


  1. Blogs

Blogs are a fantastic way to generate traffic, advertise your services in more detail and become more aware of your audience’s interests. There are free website tools like where you need no coding knowledge. Pick a template and start blogging away!


  1. Social Media, Social Media, Social Media.

Embrace the power of online networking. By identifying your type of business and its you can create a strong platform on one or various social media. If your business is , you may consider Instagram, maybe you want to advertise your blog – well Facebook or Twitter may be great options for that. you choose, connect it to your website and make sure to spread the word initially to get those .


  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You now have a website with blogs and even connected social media to increase traffic. But how do you ensure your website comes up on the user’s search engine? It is a crucial step for any successful website reaching clients organically (non-paid). So hop on YouTube, or find some articles and learn the basics of the importance of chosen words in the digital world.


  1. Emails

Emails are the free, flexible, and content drive. You can personalise emails or have indirect content. The opportunities are endless. Web applications like Mail Chimp offer a free version in which you can bulk email up to 2,000 clients. You can schedule, design and edit template campaigns or even code your own.


  1. Become a Youtube Star

This can be a fun and effective method for free, marketing. With the same Google Account you have set up for Google My Business, you can create videos advertising the latest jewellery, house renovation or even reiterate the same blogs in video form. You don’t need expensive technology. Even a smartphone and good quality lighting can do.


  1. News

Last but not least effective system is to advertise your newsworthy events on all media platforms including your website. is an efficient way to self-promote not only the reputation of the company but also the quality of its service.


  1. Testimonials

As your company grows, feedback is crucial. Take the negative feedback as a way of learning and improve your business in the future and use the good testimonials to advertise them on your website and social media. They are free, a great analytical tool and will give you credibility that can make a client choose you over others will less.


Housing prices are falling, banks are making it harder to borrow money and the experts predict America will head into recession by 2020. Factors that should have made such propositions seem absurd.

These changes, if implemented will probably result in Australia heading into recession sometime in 2021. If you discourage wealth creation investors leave the market. This leads to a loss of jobs and more reliance on our overburdened social security system. Inevitably these changes will result in a massive blow out of our public sector debt. Currently, this sits at approximately $541 billion. I estimate we could have public sector debt in excess of $1 trillion in five years time if these changes are implemented.

Who will pay back all this debt? You can be guaranteed Opposition Leader Bill Shorten will not accept responsibility.- Richard SuttieCEO at Suttie Financial Group


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